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Visiting the Clearinghouse

By Ione McLean (AEGN)

As this is a member-only service, you will need to log in to the member section of the website to view the Clearinghouse.  Do this via the logon field in the top right of the AEGN screen.  If you have forgotten your logon details, please email and we will send you your logon information. The Clearinghouse appears in the Member Resources menu – at the top of the menu bar once you have logged in.

Member Resources

Bigger and better Clearinghouse

We will shortly be making some changes to the Clearinghouse, to create a more interactive and visually exciting experience.  We plan to add new features including:

  • project funding updates, so that you can see how much funding is still required for your chosen project;
  • history of funding for previous projects listed on Clearinghouse;
  •  and the ability to include images or video with the projects you post.

If you have any suggestions about what would make the Clearinghouse more effective, inspiring and please email Ione at