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Government strategies for biodiversity and innovation

Federal Biodiversity Strategy

Just before Christmas, the Australian Government released the short Strategy for Nature 2018 – 2030, open for comment until 16 March 2018. The strategy is meant to be a revision of Australia’s Biodiversity Conservation Strategy 2010 – 2030 and has been reviewed to improve the ability to drive change in biodiversity management priorities.

Unfortunately, the strategy has been roundly criticised by environment groups.

Please let the AEGN know if you make a submission to this consultation by sending an email to


Federal Innovation Strategy

In late January, the Federal Government’s report, Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation was released.

Environmental protection is included in a reference to what the report describes as “National Missions.” The report says: “We believe the Australian Government has a strategic opportunity to use ‘National Missions’ — large-scale initiatives catalysed by governments that are designed to address audacious challenges—to accelerate Australian innovation and encourage more collaboration across the innovation system.”

The report suggests that one of these ‘National Missions’ could be the “world’s largest reef restoration and eco-engineering program to ensure the survival and adaptation of the reef.” The other potential mission would “demonstrate that an entire city could have its reticulated gas distribution system converted to clean hydrogen by 2030.” Refer to page 109 of this report.

There is also a recommendation to “Further strengthen the policy environment to encourage investors to pursue opportunities that provide both social and financial returns.”