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Climate change and philanthropy

The AEGN is shining a spotlight on the vital links between effective communication, collaboration and climate change funding. At our conference we asked:

  • Who do we need to reach with key environmental messages and how can this be achieved?
  • What strategies do we need to cut through the challenges and opposing forces we face in Australia today?
  • What’s working and who can we learn from?

In 2015 we conducted interviews with three experts who generously shared their unique insights into the role philanthropists can play when it comes tackling climate change.

In June 2015, the AEGN interviewed Admiral Chris Barrie (former chief of the Australian Defence Force) and Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti (UK Government’s former Climate Change and Energy Security Envoy) about climate change and security. Below is an excerpt featuring their thoughts on the role of philanthropy in tackling climate change:

In September 2015, the AEGN brought international strategic communications expert and Managing Director of Climate Nexus – Robert Tanner – to Australia to be a keynote speaker at our annual conference. During his keynote, Bob explained how Climate Nexus fits within the broader context of climate change work in the US, the keys to its success, the role philanthropy has played and what are the lessons for us here in Australia.

Bob also participated in-depth talks and side meetings with environmental NGOs and philanthropists during his time in Sydney and Melbourne.

This coincided with a funder-led initiative to establish a new Climate Media Centre, co-located with Climate Council of Australia, which aims to service the broad communications needs of the climate change movement.

Bob Tanner

The AEGN are very grateful for the financial support provided by the Reichstein Foundation that enabled us to bring Climate Nexus to Australia.