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Australian Philanthropy Awards 2019

Environmental Philanthropy Award

Sponsored by the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network

On Monday 22 July, the Environmental Philanthropy Award 2019 was presented to the Melliodora Fund and 16 other funders, including six sub funds of the Australian Communities Foundation, for their support of The Change Agency — Community Organising Fellowship.

Image courtesy of Philanthropy Australia.

Part of Philanthropy Australia’s annual philanthropy awards, the environment award sought nominations that have had an immediate and significant impact and that address the key focus areas of the AEGN Environmental Giving Pledge – communications and diverse voices, advocacy, collaboration and taking solutions to scale.

By training a network of environmental and social justice leaders the Community Organising Fellowship empowers diverse voices to speak out and lead, hones the advocacy skills of participants, fosters a network of collaborative peers across the country and equips graduates to engage and mobilise at scale.

The Melliodora Fund and 16 other funders have played a critical role in providing ongoing backbone funding to the Fellowship since its inception in 2014.

Melliodora Fund receives the Environmental Philanthropy Award 2019.
Photo courtesy of Philanthropy Australia.

The high calibre of nominations meant that it was tough going for the environment award selection panel this year. Coming in a close runner up was the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation for substantial, multi-year funding of the Foodprint Melbourne Project which aims to see better management and protection of Melbourne’s food bowl in the face of a growing population, development pressures and climate change.

The Foodprint project is one of the case studies in our upcoming Climate Lens publication, which will be released at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit in September.

To find out more visit Environmental Philanthropy Award 2019.

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