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Pioneer thinking in large Australian public companies

Jennifer and Mark Joiner, AEGN members

Welcome new members, Jennifer and Mark Joiner from Byron Bay. They are approaching the environment in a multifaceted way. While restoring rainforests they also facilitate growth in environmental impact investment. Mark tells us more…

We live on a farm near Byron Bay, in northern New South Wales, where our core project is the restoration of rainforest that existed in the region before settlement, along with projects to create and preserve habitat for endangered fauna.

For over fifteen years, I have been highly active around sustainability, mainly as it relates to business and strategy. As the Finance Director of one of the major banks, I was instrumental in bringing relevant sustainability priorities to the fore and integrating them into the strategy and purpose of the organisation. At the time, this was pioneer thinking in large Australian public companies.

Today, as well as teaching and mentoring in related fields, Jennifer and I are active in impact investing both in terms of individual investments and in helping to facilitate growth in the sector. I am an advisor to The Monash Sustainable Development Institute, the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the Centre for Policy Development and I hold several company directorships.

We have been strong supporters of Flora and Fauna International for many years. In joining AEGN, we look forward to meeting values-aligned people and hope to find new and exciting ways to deepen our impact in important areas of need.