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A word from the winners

Philanthropy Australia - Environmental Awards
James Whelan, Ann McGregor, Bruce McGregor, Ione McLean.

On Monday 22 July, the Environmental Philanthropy Award 2019 was presented to the Melliodora Fund and 16 other funders, including six sub funds of the Australian Communities Foundation, for their support of The Change Agency — Community Organising Fellowship.

Here are a few words from Ann and Bruce McGregor, Melliodora Fund.

We support the Community Organising Fellowship because it is a very strategic capacity building program with a multiplier effect that builds community development and campaigns in many organisations.

The program has focused on climate change campaigners, but the skills are very transferable and people from other environmental and community causes have also participated in the training and network strengthening.

We were very pleased to receive the award, which is shared with sixteen other funders — very much a collaborative funding exercise since 2014.

Ann and Bruce McGregor
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