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Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 22 October, members came together to acknowledge the past year’s activities, at the 2019 AEGN Annual General Meeting. It has been a big year for the organisation as our latest annual report shows, with the launch of numerous new publications, a busy events calendar and some winning advocacy.

Keith Ince, Chair of the AEGN, noted that the role of the AEGN is more important now than ever, as evidence grows of environmental decline and a changing climate. To grasp this moment, we finalised our most comprehensive and ambitious strategic plan and are striving to bring more people into the fold as environmental grantmakers.

Presenting the audited accounts, Treasurer David Rickards noted the strong financial position of the organisation, achieved through the tremendous support of our members and good financial management at a board and Executive level. 

It was also a time to farewell long standing board members and welcome new people onto the board. Jill Reichstein, from the Reichstein Foundation and Sue Mathews, Mullum Trust, stood down after completing three terms. In a special presentation, Keith noted how the organisation has flourished under their leadership, with the membership alone almost tripling.

Julia Limb from the Limb Family Foundation and Tracey Steggall from The Horizon Foundation were both welcomed onto the board. It’s great to see more Sydney based women on the board, especially members who have been involved with the organisation for a long time. Catherine Brown, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and Jon Myer will be staying on the board for another term.