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Melbourne University

Philanthropy: Toward a Better Practice Model


The University of Melbourne is seeking input into their research on philanthropic giving in the Australian not-for-profit sector.

The first iteration of the research in 2014 highlighted a significant disconnect between grantmakers and grantseekers in their perceptions of relationship quality, priorities, and practices. This sparked reflection and conversation amongst Australian philanthropists and their grantseekers.

In updating this research, the University of Melbourne hope to identify if and how the research has translated into change in practice, and to feed that information back into the sector to influence its uptake of more effective and impactful grantmaking practice.

The project has three aims:

  1. To update a 2014 snapshot of philanthropic giving in the not-for-profit sector in Australia.
  2. To gain a better understanding of emerging trends and opportunities for a best practice not-for-profit giving model from a philanthropic and not-for-profit organisation perspective.
  3. To gain insight into evaluation and strategic impact models being undertaken in the philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors in Australia.