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Rob Purves

Rob Purves AM

Join us at our annual conference 2020 to see Rob kick off the conference as he talks about the tipping point: what it means (fire, drought and impacts) and what philanthropy can do (immediate action). Rob will share how he has used his philanthropic funding to lift diverse voices and the business sector.

Robert has had a long career in business and in the environmental sector. In business he has been Chairman or Director of public and private companies in areas including healthcare, engineering, and funds management.

In the environment, Robert has been involved in numerous environmental campaigns including tree-clearing in New South Wales and Queensland, “Save the Great Barrier Reef”, New South Wales container deposit (CDS), water reform, and the Tarkine in Tasmania. He also more recently chaired the successful campaign for Zali Steggall in the federal seat of Warringah.

In addition, Robert’s environmental work has focused on bringing his business skills to assist building the fundraising capacity of eNGOs, such as the recent merger of Environmental Defenders Office.

He is currently a Director of Climate Council of Australia, a Director of Farmers for Climate Action, a Director of Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientist, and a Trustee of Lizard Island Research Station. He is also the immediate past President of WWF Australia and a former board member of WWF International (the world’s largest science-based conservation organisation).

In 2004 Robert established the Purves Environmental Fund, which core objectives are to support advocacy and education on climate change and landscape management, and to improve environmental policy and capacity.

He invests in the energy transformation sector and co-founded the Renew Power Group, which develops and owns solar and wind assets.

Robert has a long family connection with the pastoral industry, and his family owns sheep and cattle farms in Southern Tablelands of New South Wales.

At the tipping point