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Henry Rischbieth

Letcombe Foundation increased giving

Photo: Charlotte and Henry Rischbieth, Trustees of the foundation.

The Letcombe Foundation is based in South Australia and has increased their funding since June 2017. Henry spoke to us on their increased environmental giving.

“We have increased our giving to the environment from $36,300 in June 2017 to $72,000 in this last financial year.

We have funded a range of different projects including $16,000 to Birdlife Australia toward a Bushfire Recovery on Kangaroo Island. In previous years our support there has gone towards beach nesting birds but having watched as most of the Island burned, I felt this was the most important thing the Letcombe Foundation could fund.

We have also funded Original Power to $5000. Other organisations include Bush Heritage, SAVEM (on Kangaroo Island), AMCS, TNC, WWF and the AEGN. We appreciate the role that the AEGN plays in bringing national environmental issues to our attention so we think it is important to provide some extra funding beyond the $500 membership.

If you know anyone in South Australia who might be interested in joining the AEGN, or are interested in funding into South Australia, please let me know.”

Henry Rischbieth