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Philanthropy, high-quality science and powerful changemakers

Moments of crisis are also moments of opportunity. When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments have shown us that they can take rapid, radical and effective action to protect our health and save lives. That they can listen to the science — and act on it.

It is a powerful precedent and a timely one as we approach National Science Week on Saturday 15 August, and celebrate the life-saving work of Australia’s scientists, from medical researchers and health workers to meteorologists and climate scientists. They play a crucial role in all aspects of Australian life, from protecting our health and wellbeing to safeguarding the environment. 

We know that when philanthropy, high-quality science and powerful changemakers within our community sector work together, we can achieve our vision. It is a vision for a future Australia where the natural world is celebrated and thriving, and where the power of science converges with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ millennia of experience to guide the wellbeing of our land. 

That’s why we partner with Australia’s scientific and academic experts, many of whom are recognised globally for their contribution to research and practice in conservation and sustainability.

Access our experts — member only content

Scientists and experts are behind the research and findings in our briefing notes. These are on a range of environmental areas, including climate change, inland waters, land and biodiversity, the marine environment and sustainable cities and agriculture. 

As an AEGN member, you can request to be put in touch with the experts on our register and have access to a wealth of knowledge within the membership.

Equipped with the latest knowledge on current and emerging environmental issues and solutions, our members can then make informed decisions about their environmental giving and feel confident to take action. Sharing funding experiences and knowledge on what works and does not work more rapidly builds a sophisticated and impactful philanthropic sector.

AEGN member Dr Colin Brown, who manages the Diversicon Environmental Foundation, agrees: “You learn such a lot from other donors with whom you collaborate, the scientific experts you meet along the way, and from the recipients doing the work on the ground. The more you visit and talk to them, the more involved you get in the whole ecological process, which is a rich experience. That’s true whether you are a beginning or experienced philanthropist.”

Our challenges are increasingly global in nature and demand systemic solutions, something the COVID-19 pandemic is painfully showing us — the similarities between the pandemic and climate change are just one obvious example. Australian climate scientists say that acting early, listening to expert advice and mitigation are the keys to solving both crises. In other words, listening to the science and acting on it. Now.

Find out more about National Science Week on Saturday 15 to Sunday 23 August.