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A cause for great optimism

Positive stories during the COVID-19 era

I am feeling inspired! I have just read David Rothfield’s story from The NR Peace & Justice Fund. David has recently wound up the fund and it makes for an inspiring read. Congratulations David. We have also included Barry Traill’s story from our Friday newsletter. Barry is from the Tracker Foundation and shares his experience on bushfires, climate change and the choices we make. I recommend you read it.

As most of you know, I am writing to you from lockdown in Melbourne. It is an interesting position to be in – down here in the south.

During the great roller coaster of a ride that COVID-19 has been, oddly enough, like walking in the mountains, I feel like I have  been given a chance to observe from a distance.  And what I am observing gives me cause for great optimism. While the dominant conversation is COVID-19 I see our state governments continuing to shift toward a zero-carbon economy, I hear many colleagues and leaders talking about climate change and the environment and I am watching the younger generation, born in a climate change world, reaching an age of influence. The demand for a new way of operating, one that enables us to live within our ecological limits has not diminished in this COVID-19 time – it is building and consolidating.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We can make this disruption deliver an economic recovery that leads to a rapid zero-carbon transition.

So, what can you do? The AEGN membership is a powerful and influential bunch. You can use your influence and your own inspiring story by talking up the transition with your friends, colleagues and all levels of government – local, state and federal. Everyone is looking for a positive story and the path forward. You will be listened to.

Of course, keep giving. There are a huge range of organisations you can give to. See our Project Clearinghouse, bushfire response list, and our directory of Australian environmental organisations. And join us on Tuesday 8 September as we introduce our new climate change funders group. This will offer all  members a new way of collaborating under a shared strategy guided by our new staff members Daisy Barham and Jessica Panegyres. See you there.

Amanda Martin OAM, Chief Executive Officer