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Recognising your membership

On our new website, you will be able to display your foundation’s logo (if you choose). All you need to do is renew your membership and provide your logo image.

Send your logo to: and tell us which pages you would like to be shown on. These are all optional.

Where can my foundation logo be shown?

  1. Directory of members – a member only page listing our members
  2. Our supporters – a public page showing members who have made a donation to the AEGN
  3. Grantmakers list – a public page for grantseekers

What are the image specifications?

Size 300 pixels x 300 pixels
File type svg or png
Let us know if you need help with this.

Have you already done this?

No need to follow up with us again if you have already sent your logo and said which pages you want to appear on.

Sneak peek at the new website

The following image shows how we will use logos on the new website.