Sue Mathews, Deputy Chair and Public Officer

Mullum Trust

Sue Mathews has had an active and varied career as a radio, television and film producer, and as an author and journalist.

Following her editorship of Monash University’s Lots Wife in 1974, Sue joined the ABC and worked there as a radio producer. She then took on the position of inaugural station manager at 3RRR-FM for three years.

After stints in the policy area at the Australian Film Commission and in policy and television production at the ABC, Sue set up an independent film production company with Peter Jordan, which produced the successful documentary The Sleep of Reason.

Sue also worked as a freelance journalist in New York and authored two books on the Australian film industry, one of which was also turned into a radio series.

In the 1990s Sue turned her attention in a different direction: a shared interest in environmental issues led her, along with her brothers, to use property they inherited to create a sustainable apartment building in Fitzroy and a sustainable subdivision of land in Donvale.

Sue’s mother, Rivkah, had established a small philanthropic trust with her own inheritance, and at her death the children resolved to continue the trust, narrowing its focus to grant solely in environment. The Mullum Trust was a foundation member of the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN), and Sue has been an active AEGN Board member for many years.

Climate change is Sue’s particular concern, but she also thinks it’s important to keep a sense of humour and hope at the same time as focusing on these sometimes frightening and depressing issues.