Our plan

To achieve our aspirations, we have developed five aims to guide what we will work on and five aims to guide how we will work.

We aim to:

  1. Catalyse collaboration
  2. Build and share skills and knowledge
  3. Raise the profile of environmental giving and investing
  4. Grow amount of funding and investments for a sustainable future
  5. Invest in innovation

We aim to achieve these outcomes by:

  1. Focusing on members
  2. Ensuring good governance
  3. Maintaining financial strength and stability
  4. Investing in people
  5. Streamlining systems and processes

How will we know we are achieving our goals?

Our aims are ambitious and long term. So that we can monitor and report on our progress towards achieving them, we have established specific measures and indicators of progress for outputs and results.

We will:

  • collect relevant quantitative and qualitative data
  • use the data to assess our progress
  • use the findings of those assessments to make appropriate changes to our work in order to increase our effectiveness in achieving our goals
  • report to our members on progress toward these goals

At an operational level, our plans will specify outputs and key performance indicators for positions and projects that directly align to the aims and activities in this plan.

Our key performance indicators for 2022 are:

  • We have 200 members by 2022
  • 65 per cent of our members say that they are more effective funders because of the AEGN; $50 million of extra funds have been pledged to the environment
  • 65 per cent of members have either pledged to increase their funding to the environment or already give all their donations to the environment
  • 85 per cent of members renew their membership each year
  • We are fully funded each financial year
  • Our Sustainability Fund has a corpus of $2 million by 2022
  • We are fully staffed by a high performing and stable team