How we will work

Aim 1: Focus on members

Members remain the heart and soul of the AEGN.


We exist to support our membership: it is the members who do the heavy lifting of environmental giving and investing. Without the support, renewal and growth of the membership, the AEGN would not be able to fulfil its vision, mission or goals.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • develop and implement a member and outreach strategy, with the aim of increasing membership to 200 by 2022
  • ensure member retention rates remain high
  • ensure opportunities for regular member feedback
  • ensure regular opportunities for member involvement and access to services
  • continue to develop our presence in regions beyond Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland
  • work to encourage greater diversity in the philanthropic sector
  • continue to explore different categories of membership including corporate membership
  • continue to offer a welcoming culture that embraces inclusion, generosity, different political views and approaches to change, and diverse backgrounds

Aim 2: Good governance and accountability

The AEGN is well governed by an excellent Board and supported by clearly articulated policies and a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework.


Good governance will support and maintain our strategic direction, ensure our objectives are achieved, manage our risks and help us to use our resources responsibly and with accountability.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • maintain and recruit an excellent Board with an appropriate range of skills, knowledge and member representation
  • ensure Board committees are established to track our overall governance
  • build, maintain and apply an appropriate policy framework and risk strategy
  • implement a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework that includes a high level of reporting to the Board and members and donors

Aim 3: Financial strength and stability

We are well resourced to undertake all its activities by having a strong financial foundation, which includes stable sources of income.


To be able to implement this strategic plan, the AEGN must be well resourced by a stable and diversified range of income streams.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • ensure income each year to achieve the annual operational plan
  • develop a diverse income plan, which includes three-year donation and grant commitments, fees for major events, a fee for services model and the growth of the Sustaining Fund.

Aim 4: Investing in people

We will invest in its people, building their skills and expertise to maintain a high functioning staff group that runs the organisation smoothly in a fast-changing operating environment.


Given that fewer than a third of our members employ their own staff, recruiting and maintaining excellent staff with a strong environmental knowledge base is fundamental to assisting members and achieving our goals.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • attract and retain high quality staff and consultants
  • ensure staff have adequate resources and support to fulfil their functions
  • develop and implement an achievable annual operational plan

Aim 5: Good systems and processes

Our functions are supported by excellent systems and processes.


We turned 10 in 2018. To reflect this development and the growth in membership and level of ambition, the systems and processes that support operations must be upgraded in a major step change.

In addition to this, we are supported by the scarce resources of the philanthropic sector and these resources need to be used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Underpinning all work with excellent systems and processes will help to achieve this aim.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • effectively use an excellent contacts database
  • implement efficient integrated systems and processes. These need to include our website, digital member platform, accounting systems and contacts database.