Esther Abram – Giving Green Adviser

Esther has over 20 years experience in the not for profit sector, working in senior leadership roles for environmental and philanthropic organisations.

For the past three years Esther was employed by Changemakers Australia, where she initially undertook research and advocacy to remove the legal barriers to philanthropy funding advocacy.  At the conclusion of this project she was appointed Executive Officer and she worked with the Board to pursue a progressive philanthropic agenda.  Esther also focused on developing resources to inspire and support grantmakers to adopt social change philanthropy practices.  This includes the establishment of Australia’s first social change philanthropy training program.

Working at Changemakers gave Esther solid insights into philanthropic grantmaking and relationships with many grantmakers.  Her final task was to provide advocacy support for a philanthropic collaboration championing the establishment of a statutory definition of charity.  These efforts resulted in Parliament passing much-needed legislation.

From the mid 1990s Esther held leadership roles in environment organisations.  She was Director of Environment Victoria for 4.5 years from 1996, expanding the campaign base of the organisation to tackle a wide range of environmental issues.  Esther collaborated extensively with other organisations to achieve shared goals, and worked to establish initiatives to strengthen the capacity of the environment movement.  In 2001 Esther became the inaugural CEO of the Moreland Energy Foundation, building a strong organisation and establishing innovative programs to engage the community in sustainable energy and emission reduction initiatives.

From 2005 to 2010 Esther consulted to a wide range of not-for-profit and government organisations, providing strategic advice, policy and program development on sustainability issues.  Esther holds a Master of Arts from Melbourne University, a Graduate Diploma of Business and a Bachelor of Arts.  She is currently the President of the Invasive Species Council.