The power of philanthropy for sustainability

We have a vision for Australia that sees our natural world thriving and its crucial contribution to everyone’s wellbeing recognised and protected.

Key to achieving this vision is powering one of Australia’s strongest enablers of change — the community sector — with the fuel of philanthropic funding. When philanthropy combines with influential changemakers and excellent science, we can realise deep and lasting change.

Our task is urgent. According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we have just over a decade to prevent catastrophic climate change. We are already seeing entire ecosystems disappearing before our eyes.

Our strategic plan acknowledges this sobering reality and explains how we will tackle increasingly complex environmental challenges — including the climate crisis — over the next three years. Central to our work will be catalysing collaboration, building the skills and knowledge of our members and raising the profile of environmental giving. Growing sustainable investments and championing innovation will also be critically important for creating a sustainable future.

To achieve these outcomes, we need to be stronger and more sure-footed than ever. Our strategic plan reflects this, committing to robust governance and accountability mechanisms and strategies for financial strength and stability. It also acknowledges that people are our greatest asset by committing to invest in our staff and our members, who remain the heart and soul of our network.

We all have a vital role to play.

And together we are more than the sum of our parts. We can, and will, make an impact.