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The AEGN Clearinghouse

AEGN members please log in to view the Clearinghouse.

The aim of the AEGN Clearinghouse is to facilitate collaboration between funders, enabling more projects to be successfully funded. The Clearinghouse allows members to share information on projects that they have assessed and would like to fund but which require additional funding partners.

The following information is provided for each project:

•    Project name;
•    Details of the organisation that will host the project;
•    DGR, TCC status and ABN if known;
•    Project description;
•    Amount of funding sought; and,
•    Contact details of the foundation or individual listing the project.

The Clearinghouse is available to all AEGN members. Projects can only be posted to the Clearinghouse by AEGN members.

Please visit the Membership page to find out more about the benefits of AEGN membership and how to join the AEGN.