Effective environmental funding – a case study

Brought to you by: Philanthropy Australia
Event details
Thursday 6 May
3.00pm to 3.50pm AEST
Brought to you by: Philanthropy Australia
Thursday 6 May 3:00 pm to 3:50 pm

As part of the Philanthropy Australia conference workshop Climate Lens in Action , AEGN member Sue Mathews will discuss the success of the 10 Gigawatt Vision. This coalition of AEGN members won the 2020 Philanthropy Australia Environmental Philanthropy Award that we sponsor each year. We encourage any new members to attend who are looking for a prime example of how to fund effectively.

10 Gigawatt Vision put the Northern Territory at the forefront of the global transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy. It described how implementation would attract private investment, be a catalyst for wider, long-lasting economic renewal, and provided recommendations for policy reform.

Subsequently, an oversubscribed investment round for one of the world’s most ambitious projects, the world’s largest solar farm (Sun Cable’s Asia-Singapore Power Link) has ensured this $20 billion project is on track to becoming a reality.

The seven funders of the 10 Gigawatt Vision showed that collaboration can achieve more than the sum of its parts and that by funding policy development, policy advocacy, good communications and a smart charitable organisation, government’s and industry can step up to address the greatest issue of our time – climate change.

This workshop is on Day 4 of the FUTURE NEEDS NOW Philanthropy Australia Conference. More information including ticket sales is available on their website.

Brought to you by: Philanthropy Australia

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