Protecting Australian charities

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Wednesday 8 September
12.00pm to 1.00pm AEST
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AEGN hosted
Wednesday 8 September 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Part of our Thought Leadership Forum series

Charities play a vital role in Australia, delivering critical services, responding to disasters such as bushfires and COVID-19, protecting our environment and addressing a wide range of community needs. Charities also play a vital role in strengthening our democracy, by advocating for systemic changes to benefit the public good. Yet in 2021, we are seeing increasing attempts to constrain charities — especially in their advocacy.

In this session we are lucky to be joined by Reverend Tim Costello to explore the vital role of charities in protecting our environment and strengthening our democracy. We will also learn more about the ways this function is currently under threat. Peter Seidel, charities law specialist from firm Arnold Bloch Leibler will also take us through how these changes will directly affect the philanthropic sector.


Reverend Tim Costello AO, Chair Community Council of Australia
Reverend Tim Costello AO, Chair Community Council of Australia
Peter Seidel
Peter Seidel, Arnold Bloch Leibler, Partner, Native Title Law and Public Interest Law

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