Coorong water at sunset

Coorong and Lake Alexandria Field Trip

7 – 8th May 2008

The Murray River is part of the biggest river system in Australia, the drainage basin covering over one million square kilometres. Beginning in Queensland and extending through New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, the system supports agriculture, water supplies and a multitude of eco-systems.

The aim of the trip was to explore the issue of water and its impact on the Coorong and the lower reaches of the Murray, explore possible solutions, and showcase the environmental and cultural importance of the region.

Day 1 Goolwa and Coorong National Park

Visit to Hindmarsh Island and Mundoo Chanel and meet with people from the local community and community organisations.

Cruise along the Coorong and to view the Murray mouth. Walk in the Coorong National Park to view the ocean, observing massive Indigenous middens which were a clear indication of the long occupation of this land by the Ngarrindjeri people.

Day 2 Milang and Lake Alexandrina

Drive through grazing and grape growing regions, discussing the impact of water loss on these industries as well as their impact on water quality, aquifer use and the environment.

Visit Pomanda Island on Nalpa Station to see firsthand the site of the controversial proposed “temporary” weir across the Murray River that has been suggested as a way of alleviating Adelaide’s water shortages.