Group standing around bus

Gondwana Link Field Trip

6 – 12th September 2008

Gondwana Link is a landscape scale vision involving individuals and local, regional and national groups. They are working together to achieve reconnected country across south-western Australia in which entire ecosystems, and the fundamental ecological processes that underpin them, are restored and maintained.

It represents Australia’s biggest revegetation project and is the best example of a landscape scale conservation project combining public and private protected areas, activities that address various threats, a range of different environment groups, and legislative and policy change.

The group travelled across south-west Western Australia, from Albany to Kalgoorlie. Travelling with resident expert, Keith Bradby, the group explored issues of private and public land conservation, land restoration, Indigenous interests and marine issues.

Day 1 Albany

Trip briefing and meeting with Albany community members.

Day 2 Albany to Stirling Ranges

Welcome from the Traditional Owners and learning about aspirations for country.

Day 3 Stirling Ranges to Bremer Bay

Large scale restoration work, carbon sequestration and cultural mapping.

Day 4 Bremer Bay to Great Western Woodlands

Marine values, national park management, fire ecology, discussions of advocacy and action in conservation.

Day 5 Great Western Woodlands

Wildflowers and the importance of Microsystems.

Day 6 Great Western Woodlands to Kalgoorlie

McDermid rock granite outcrop and exploration of the woodlands.