Group viewing wildlife

Habitat 141 Field Trip

25 – 29th October 2009

Habitat 141 is a landscape scale conservation project, linking lands over a 700km stretch across South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.  The project covers 18 million hectares, from the Murray River in the west to the Grampians in the east, and from Broken Hill in the north to the coast.

Ecologist  Dale Tonkinson accompanied the group to assist learning in private and public conservation, sustainable agriculture, landscape scale approaches, water, invasive species, and Indigenous aspirations for the region. The group travelled from Scotia Sanctuary, near Mildura, to Dunkeld.

Day 1 Scotia Sanctuary

Trip introduction briefing.

Day 2 Scotia Sanctuary to Ned’s corner

Community gathering. Private land conservation, solar farm, water issues, irrigation, agriculture, Indigenous aspirations.

Day 3 Ned’s corner to Little Desert National Park

Morning walk, bird watch, water, agriculture, public land management.

Day 4 Little Desert to Dunkeld

Landscape and regional scale conservation and planning.

Day 5 Dunkeld to Melbourne

Reflections and learning