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Philanthropy meets Parliament

Wednesday 18 September 9:00 am to Thursday 19 September 5:00 pm

Philanthropy meets parliament summit 2019

This is Philanthropy Australia’s flagship event of this year, bringing philanthropy and government together to grow understanding of the broader context in which they operate, showcase successful collaboration and encourage more effective engagement.

This year’s event is especially important as it is our first opportunity to engage collectively with the newly re-elected Morrison Government, and includes two special events for us on day 2 (see below for more details).

10.50am — AEGN Climate Lens: An introduction launched by Catherine Brown, CEO Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

11.25am to 12.15pm — Esther Abram, Acting CEO will be moderating a session on Environment, Climate Change and an Agenda for Action. Read more about this session below.

Environment, Climate Change and an Agenda for Action

According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with a tremendous effort over the next decade, we can make the changes required to prevent the climate warming beyond 1.5 degrees. Recently the UN reported 1 million species are under threat of extinction. Australia is highly exposed to climate change and we are experiencing the loss of our unique species right now. But the situation is urgent.

Three philanthropists will describe how they understand the challenges and the role of governments and others in the response. They will explore the potential to drive change through Federal Government action; where state or local government has a role to play and where bypassing government is the correct approach. They will touch on a broad suite of environmental policy areas including plastic pollution, sustainable agriculture, and Indigenous land and sea management.

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