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Climate change and energy funder group

A place where funders come together to share ideas, inspire each other and collaborate towards funding the most strategic climate change initiatives.

Funders who feel passionately about the need to respond to climate change are welcome to join the funder group. Group members are invited to formal and informal meetings in Sydney and Melbourne.

Why fund climate change?

Our quality of life is reliant upon a climate system that provides reliable rainfall for growing food, and weather patterns where climate extremes – such as floods, fires and prolonged droughts – are the exception rather than the rule.

Runaway climate change is bad for people’s health and for the economy.

Many of Australia’s treasured ecosystems, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Alpine ecosystem, are vulnerable to climate change.

The world’s leading climate scientists tell us that all parts of the world are experiencing the impacts of climate change and that this is affecting the natural world and human societies. Learn more about climate change, or contact us to receive a hard copy of our climate change and energy briefing notes.

Working towards solutions

Fortunately, we know the technological answers. We need to work towards a future where our homes and economies are fuelled by clean, renewable energy and where we protect carbon stored in forests and soils.

There is much evidence that responding to climate change will not destroy the economy and indeed can lead to jobs and growth.

Many members of the AEGN are directing their grantmaking towards creating this new future.

If you are thinking about funding this area, our pdf icon Climate Change and Energy Grantmaking Framework (PDF 856kb) can help you to develop an effective approach.

Interested in joining?

Are you interested in becoming involved with the Climate Change and Energy Funder Group?  The Group has over 30 members who are working together to make the most of funding in this area.  Email us at for further details.

The Climate Change and Energy Funder Group is convened by John McKinnon, McKinnon Family Foundation and Sue Mathews, the Mullum Trust.