Indigenous land and sea management funder group

Photo by YMAC: Tony Smirke, Jurruru country.

This funder group brings together AEGN members with a passion for funding Indigenous environment projects and an interest in building their knowledge. Members of this funder group share an interest in Indigenous culture and well-being, an appreciation of the environmental benefits of applying both Traditional and Western knowledge through Indigenous land management. They also recognise that these activities provide benefits of different kinds including to cultural, health, education and economic well being. All AEGN members are welcome, from those with a long history of funding to people who would like to find out more before they start their funding journey.

Group members share and receive news, projects for funding, invitations to events and opportunities to learn about building respectful funding relationships and to go on field trips to see this important work first hand.

Why fund Indigenous land and sea management?

Indigenous Australians own and control more than 20% of the Australian continent. Much of this land is of environmental significance, protecting Australia’s special animals, plants, landscapes and cultures.

Across Australia Indigenous people are using a combination of Traditional and Western knowledge to protect the environmental and cultural significance of their land. The Indigenous land and sea management sector has developed over the last three decades and today there are more than 150 ranger groups working on-ground, supported by a network of organisations including all levels of government, non-government, private and research institutions.

This is inspiring work. Indigenous land and sea managers are working to protect threatened species, mitigate threats from feral animals and plants, manage large-scale landscape health through fire management and record and protect culturally significant places and knowledge. Initiated with environmental and cultural imperatives in mind, the work of Indigenous land and sea managers is now celebrated as a success story with outcomes in multiple areas – environment, culture, education, health, employment and economic development.

Why wouldn’t you invest?

“Indigenous land and sea ranger projects provide essential environmental management and restoration where it is needed. They also provide meaningful employment, culturally significant engagement and health and social benefits. Our small contributions in this area have been repaid many times over.”

– Bruce McGregor, The Melliodora Fund

If you are interested in finding out more about Indigenous land and sea management or building respectful funding relationships with Indigenous groups, the AEGN has gathered a selection of useful documents which you can access at the bottom of this page.

Working towards solutions

The AEGN Connecting Indigenous Philanthropy program aims to help funders develop the knowledge and confidence to fund Indigenous land and sea management projects through:

  • Providing a curated email list for funders with an interest in Indigenous funding to share ideas, projects and information.
  • Running a series of activities to help funders feel more confident in developing relationships with Indigenous led organisations and projects, including field trips and workshops.
  • Linking funders to projects by finding and sharing a set of small to medium-sized projects that have been reviewed by experienced funders and practitioners in the sector.

Are you looking for something to fund now?  Click on the box below to find out more about our process and view a set of six small to medium size projects currently seeking funding.

Interested in joining?

Are you interested in becoming involved with the Indigenous land and sea management funder group? The Group has over 35 members who are learning together to make the most of funding in this area. Email for further details.