Sustainable agriculture and food systems funder group

A place where funders come together to share ideas, inspire each other and collaborate towards funding strategic initiatives to increase the sustainability of agriculture and food systems.

Funders who feel passionately about agriculture and food systems are welcome to join the funder group. Group members are invited to face-to-face meetings and webinars.

During 2016 the SAFS Funder group has focused on the Ripe for Change project.

Why fund agriculture and food systems?

We all know food is an integral part of life. Our bodies are fuelled by the food we eat and our communities are shaped by the way we share food together.

Australian agriculture and food producers provide the food for our tables. And agriculture provides the economic base for many communities.

But agriculture has had a profound impact on our land and water. Native ecosystems have been displaced by land clearing and water systems have been severely impacted by landscape changes and water extraction. Our soils have been damaged by salinity, erosion and declining soil carbon. Learn more about agriculture and food systems, or contact us to receive a hard copy of our agriculture and food systems briefing notes.

Working towards solutions

Our challenge is to produce and consume healthy food with the smallest ecological footprint.

Recent decades have seen many positive changes adopted by farming communities as they work to make farming more sustainable. Urban communities increasingly grow and consume more local food and promote less wasteful consumption habits.

Many members of the AEGN participate in the funder group to work out better ways grantmakers can respond to the challenge.

If you are thinking about funding this area, our pdf icon Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Grantmaking Framework (PDF 492kb) can help you to develop an effective approach.

Interested in joining?

Are you interested in becoming involved with the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funder Group? The Group has over 40 members who are working together to make the most of funding in this area. Email us at for further details.

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funder Group is convened by Alison Teese, Bjarne K Dahl Trust and Hayley Morris, the Morris Family Foundation.