Green Giving booklet

Giving Green

Giving Green is a special initiative of the AEGN designed to encourage, support and resource environmental grantmaking.

Why give to environmental issues?
Nature sustains and nurtures us – it makes life on our planet possible. Its wonders and diversity, its rivers, oceans, forests, deserts, mountains and plains, are not just backdrops for human activity, they are the wellspring for all life.

The turtle swimming in the ocean, the grasses in our open woodlands, the microscopic bugs in a stream, the human sitting behind a desk in a city, all are connected through a great web of life.

Much of what makes Australia so beautiful, unique and diverse is under threat. In this decade we still have the chance to reverse a wave of plant and animal extinctions, decline in the health of soil, rivers and oceans and human-induced climate change.

Giving to environmental issues allows us to play a conscious and active role in supporting the miraculous web of life.

Environment doesn’t need to be your sole focus. You can combine your interests in other areas like health, rural and regional Australia, youth or Indigenous people with environmental funding. The unique qualities of our environment mean that it links with all aspects of our lives.

Be Inspired!

Our members have amazing stories to tell about how they came to be environmental funders, what they have chosen to fund and the rewards they reap from funding environmental projects. These stories are now available for you to read, watch and listen to through Giving Green Stories.

Why Giving Green?

The Giving Green initiative helps current and potential donors and their advisers feel confident in taking action. By providing well researched information, tailored to the needs of grantmakers, Giving Green makes good environmental grantmaking achievable for all.

The Giving Green program has a number of elements. You may wish to use some or all of these:

1. Guides to environmental grantmaking – Giving Green: An Introduction for Grantmakers and Giving Green: A Guide to Environmental Grantamaking.

2. Giving Green Themes – Briefing notes that provide an overview of 9 broad environmental themes, Grantmaking Frameworks and Funding Tables to guide your funding approach on an environmental theme.

3. Funder Groups.