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Indigenous projects for funding

Photo by Ron D’Raine: Elder Aden Eades with Euegne Eades and Bill Woods leading a planting day on Nowanup, south-western Australia, with Shell Development Australia staff.

AEGN members have expressed their desire to fund Indigenous land management projects. But they have also shared the challenges of funding in this area which are perhaps even greater than for other environmental issues: how to build the knowledge and confidence to get started, how to identify good organisations and valuable projects and how to approach funding in a way that is respectful and constructive.

We are developing a program to support funders to answer these questions and help them to begin or progress their funding journey.

Through this program we have trialled a process to source exciting, current projects that require philanthropic funding. We are pleased to present the results of this trial – a collection of Indigenous land and sea management projects for your consideration. The projects give an insight into the breadth of important work being undertaken by Indigenous land owners. They contribute to Australia’s environmental protection and, importantly, they also support culture, health and economic well being for Indigenous Australians.

“Fortunately, we have advice from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island colleagues and peers on how to give grants that offer enduring value for their communities and organisations. Essential ingredients for grantmakers are to strive to be culturally aware, to maintain respectful relationships, to look for two way learning opportunities, and to build on the design and leadership of our First Nations people. Salut! to AEGN, our specialist network which continues to lead out in our philanthropy sector, by bringing together a collection of granting opportunities which reflect these essential ingredients.”

– Genevieve Timmons, Portland House Foundation


We thank AEGN member, The Christensen Fund, for generously supporting this program.