Register of experts

We value the support of environmental issue experts to ensure key publications and presentations are based upon authoritative, up to date information. Over the years we have built relationships with many environmental experts. Now we can provide better access for our members to experts through the compilation of an issue expert register. This new service will support members who are at a critical point in their grantmaking strategy and want to ensure their philanthropy is consistent with the best available science on problems and solutions.

The expert register includes leading experts over a wide range of environmental issues. So far the register includes 47 experts, covering nine issues. In compiling the expert register, we have looked for experts who are leaders in their field, and how have the communications skills to convey information to people who are not necessarily scientists.

If you need an expert, contact us and we will link you up with the right expert. You and the expert will discuss your needs and agree on the arrangement the suits both parties.

We are continuing to build the register and would appreciate member support. Let us know when you come into contact with experts who are leaders in their field and excellent communicators. We are particularly interested in growing the number of experts on sustainable cities, sustainable agriculture and toxics.