Reports and research

Environmental giving trends

We are routinely asked how much philanthropic support goes towards the environment. We would love to have a confident answer.

What we do know is the environment receives only 2.5 per cent of all charitable donations and bequests and 0.5 percent of all revenue received by charities.

wind turbine


This philanthropy guide demystifies the path away from fossil fuels. It is a world first, step-by-step tool for philanthropists who want to transition away from fossil fuels and toward climate solutions.

It includes a range divestment options and a step by step roadmap which will take you from mission alignment and policy development to implementation and reporting.

A decade of donations for the environment (2019)

The first of its kind, this report analyses 10 years of data from the register of environmental organisations report, detailing trends in donations to the sector.

The report was developed in partnership with the Australian Government, Department of the Environment and Energy, and the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network.

The Impact of Philanthropy in the Environment Sector (2019)

Produced by the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at QUT, this report examines findings about environmental philanthropy identified through the broad Giving Australia 2016 report. 

The report provides useful insights and interesting reflections by environmental philanthropists. Funded by the Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation.