The AEGN provides a range of services for members, all designed to inspire philanthropy to increase support for environment and help grantmakers practice effective environmental grantmaking. This includes services which:

  • Increase grantmakers’ knowledge about environmental issues and grantmaking practice
  • Convene members with each other and with leading experts who share their expertise about environmental issues and ways of making change
  • Support members to collaborate with each other to leverage greater giving and respond to high priority areas of need
Knowledge services
  • The AEGN’s Giving Green program includes a range of materials which provide the basics (and more) on environmental grantmaking. This includes Philanthropy Briefings on nine environmental issues and other publications.
  • The Directory of Environmental Organisations is the most comprehensive listing of environmental organisations in Australia. Our searchable web based Directory helps grantmakers understand which organisations are working on the issues and in the regions they care most about.
  • For members only, the AEGN can provide curated lists of environmental organisations and link up members with shared interests. This is a highly valued service for those new to environmental grantmaking.
  • For members only, the AEGN can help find an expert to support the development of well informed and strategic grantmaking strategies.
Convening services
  • A wide range of events bring together like minded grantmakers to learn and share. This includes an annual conference and annual field trips.
  • The AEGN supports members to organise their own events to showcase the organisations they support.
Collaboration services
  • For members only, the AEGN manages a range of subscriber-only email lists, including the AEGN TalkOnline list.
  • For members only, the AEGN provides a clearinghouse where members share proposals to support environmental initiatives.
  • For members only, the AEGN brings together members with shared interests into issue based funder groups.