Transitioning Coal Communities Tour

Latrobe Valley 26 April and Hunter Valley 28 April

The AEGN is bringing leading economic transition practitioners to Australia, to help us understand how regions that rely principally on coal extraction can reshape their future and grow a flexible modern economy. Join Justin Maxson, Executive Director of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation and Lisa Abbott, coordinator of the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth for one-day tours of the Latrobe Valley and Hunter Valley.

The Appalachian region was once the largest coal-producing region in the US, and coal extraction through strip mining and mountaintop removal has left a terrible environmental footprint. Once a large employer, the coal industry now supports few jobs.

Community organisations in Appalachia have been working for decades to transform their economy, and their experience could help fast-track the transition process in Australia. Justin Maxson and Lisa Abbott will help us understand more about:

  • the role of community-driven economic development initiatives in the Appalachian region;
  • what advocacy and community engagement contributed;
  • government policies and programs which have driven more equitable changes;
  • how US charitable foundations helped, and how Australian grantmakers and impact investors might play a role here.