e-learning course

Philanthropy is a broad area and covers many issues — from support for the environment, Indigenous issues and the arts to disability, ageing and welfare — to name a few. We have designed the lesson using examples, films and case studies from one type of philanthropy – the environment – in order to bring the lesson to life. However, the principles of philanthropy covered here are universal, no matter where the giving is directed.

What will I learn?

  • The confidence and knowledge to discuss the costs, tax implications and practicalities of philanthropy with interested clients.
  • How philanthropic vehicles work and identify the most appropriate approach for your client.
  • To help your client set up a private foundation or sub-fund.
  • To develop a five-step philanthropy strategy with your client.
  • In-depth knowledge about environmental philanthropy and use this template to explore others areas of giving such as health, welfare or the arts.
  • How to help your client to match their strategy with appropriate organisations to fund.

What are the benefits for my practice?

Join some of Australia’s leading wealth advisers by helping your clients with philanthropy.

  • Expand the services you can offer
  • Meet more of your clients’ needs.
  • Differentiate your practice.
  • Invest your clients’ philanthropy funds.
  • Stretch your client relationships over the long term  — philanthropy lasts a lifetime.
  • Increase referrals among other community-minded folks.
  • Exceed expectations and boost trust.
  • Expand your inter-generational services, as philanthropy funds are often managed by the whole family.
  • Help your client with more lifestyle decisions.
  • Provide a service that transcends the ups and downs of the investment market.

What are the topics?


Learn what motivates philanthropists to give and how to identify clients who might be interested in developing a structured giving program.

Why advise on philanthropy?

Providing philanthropy advice opens up a range of benefits for wealth advisers and clients. Learn about those benefits and how to make the most of them.

A case study

Run through a real life case study about how to set up a private ancillary fund or a sub-fund, the establishment costs, what the tax benefits are, investing the corpus and helping your client decide what to fund.

A deep dive into giving

This topic provides a deep look at one type of giving – environmental philanthropy – to help you understand how large sectors can be broken down to refine giving strategies.

Deciding what to fund

Once you and your client have decided what issues are most important, it’s time to use the client questionnaire to narrow down the search for organisations to fund. The questionnaire will also help with your own fact find and compliance.

Your practice toolbox

There are three tools you will need to run your philanthropy advice practice. In this topic we will introduce you to those tools and teach you how to use them.

Course assessment

The multiple-choice assessment will help you to retain some of the more important aspects of the course and gain your certificate of completion.