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View highlights of our recent work and plans for the year ahead.


While 2020/21 has been a challenging year for so many of us in different ways, we are really proud of the AEGN’s achievements:

  • Expanding our events and webinar program by 75 per cent to provide members with more opportunities to learn, share, strategise, find good work to fund, and importantly, to network given many months of social distancing.
  • Connecting members around priority issues by revitalising funder groups on climate change, Indigenous land and sea management and sustainable food systems. Nature is coming soon.
  • Doubling our capacity to support members and provide strategic giving advice by engaging two new Environmental Philanthropy Managers – Daisy Barham and Jessica Panegyres – to replace our outgoing Giving Green Manager. We deeply thank a generous member who funded an additional position, that focuses on climate giving, in recognition of the critical role of philanthropy in addressing the climate crisis.
  • Developing a comprehensive climate funding framework to increase climate giving in the year ahead. 
  • Partnering with Philanthropy Australia and other philanthropic organisations to deliver workshops to engage new funders and share member funding stories.
  • Launching a new user-friendly website to provide members with inspiring content, as well as a compelling entry point for potential new members.

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Plans ahead

In 2021/22 the AEGN will continue with our usual service offering, but with some growing aspirations:

  • Deliver an engaging and informative program of events to grow member knowledge and understanding of how to create change and to inspire impactful funding.
  • Launch a nature funder group to foster collaboration and learning among members with a passion for nature conservation.
  • Facilitate connections between members to learn, share and collaborate by continuing our existing funder groups on climate change, Indigenous land and sea management, and sustainable food systems.
  • Develop a bold new environmental giving pledge.
  • Provide opportunities for members to ‘pitch’ their favourite projects and organisations to grow the scale and impact of philanthropy.
  • Explore how to build more effective and respectful engagement with First Nations people.
  • Launch the Climate Change Funder Framework within the membership and use this as the basis to support a rapid and collaborative increase in strategic grantmaking.
  • Develop a Climate Change Lens and outreach program with Philanthropy Australia to help funders to incorporate the impact of climate change into their granting decisions and to grow the amount of climate change funding.
  • Focus on supporting and connecting new members. 
  • Refine our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework and undertake our three-year performance review.
  • Support members to undertake advocacy around environmental philanthropy if the need arises.
  • Grow the membership to 200 by June 2022.
  • Continue to be fully funded by our members.

Download the latest report to members

Past reports can be emailed or posted to you.

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