The power of philanthropy

More than ever before, people across the country are coming together to reverse global warming and restore nature.

Again we call upon the philanthropic sector, and those who want to create a thriving future, to be bigger and bolder in their funding.


Building community power for extreme heat adaptation and climate action

Many of our most marginalised communities live in the already hottest parts of…

Ending the climate wars – creating bipartisanship on federal climate politics in Australia

COP26 and the lead up to the forthcoming federal election (to be held…

Net Zero is Fraud

To publicise, both domestically and particularly internationally, research showing that the governments proposed…

Our Islands Our Home — Torres Strait Islander Climate Justice campaign

The Limb Family Foundation is supporting this project because the Torres Strait Islands…

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Members can access all 10 projects in the COP26 CLIMATE CHANGE SHOWCASE now and watch the five-minute pitches.

Environmental Philanthropy Award

The Limb Family Foundation and the Guardian Australia’s Environmental Investigations Team have taken out the honours in this year’s award. Congratulations.

Climate Change Funding Framework

Solving the climate crisis — Opportunities for strategic philanthropy in Australia. This is a member only resource. Non-members can contact us for a discussion.

Directory of organisations

This member only resources allows you to see the largest directory of environmental organisations in Australia.

Meet our members

Action on climate change

Keith and Jeannette Ince are an open, friendly couple with a lively interest…

Rebecca Gorman

Agriculture is an essential part of life – without it, we do not…

Jim Phillipson

Jim is a big believer in building partnerships and working together – something…

Rob Pallin

For the Pallin family, an attachment to nature is an intergenerational affair. “I…

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Harnessing the power of philanthropy to protect our environment and build a sustainable future.

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