Australian Environmental Philanthropy Conference

22-24 March

The gathering place for philanthropy seeking a solutions pathway to the climate and biodiversity crisis. Be inspired, engage in hope and action!


Building community power for extreme heat adaptation and climate action

Many of our most marginalised communities live in the already hottest parts of…

Ending the climate wars – creating bipartisanship on federal climate politics in Australia

A project of Climate Action Network Australia (CANA). COP26 and the lead up…

Net Zero is Fraud

To publicise, both domestically and particularly internationally, research showing that the governments proposed…

Our Islands Our Home — Torres Strait Islander Climate Justice campaign

The Limb Family Foundation is supporting this project because the Torres Strait Islands…

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Members can access all 10 projects from the COP26 CLIMATE CHANGE SHOWCASE and watch the five-minute pitches.

Non-members can access a preview of six of the projects.

Climate Change Funding Framework

Solving the climate crisis — Opportunities for strategic philanthropy in Australia. This is a member only resource. Non-members can contact us for a discussion.

Directory of organisations

This member only resources allows you to see the largest directory of environmental organisations in Australia.

Directory of members

Our members are united by a shared purpose for the future, and bring a diversity of approaches and experiences inspire us to give more and give more effectively.

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Backing good people doing good work

After 30 years of making the world of difference by supporting organisations around…

Action on climate change

Keith and Jeannette Ince are an open, friendly couple with a lively interest…

Rebecca Gorman

Agriculture is an essential part of life – without it, we do not…

Jim Phillipson

Jim is a big believer in building partnerships and working together – something…

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Knowledge and insights

Nature outcomes in 2021 | The good, the bad and sad

14 December 2021

Australia’s wild landscapes, stunning coastline and iconic species sit at the heart of…

10 things funders should know about COP26

16 November 2021

COP26, held in Glasgow over the first two weeks of November, was the…

Dystopian COP26 experience

12 November 2021

Attending a super busy and important COP is like entering the Total Perspective…

How to engage with COP26

28 October 2021

We are in a historic moment for climate action. The decisions we make…