Change, hope and time to act

We asked AEGN members what the federal election outcome means for them and how it will influence their funding.

Project Clearinghouse

First Nations funding opportunities

1 June 2022

Eight Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander projects need philanthropic funding to proceed -…

Let’s keep up the election momentum on gender equality

7 June 2022

In the lead up to the end of financial year, make your funding…

Projects to partner

Current projects seeking funding on the Project Clearinghouse. Harness the best of our…

Climate Change Funding Framework

Solving the climate crisis — Opportunities for strategic philanthropy in Australia. This is a member only resource. Non-members can contact us for a discussion.

7 megatrends

The urgency of the intertwined climate and biodiversity challenges has never been clearer. How society responds will set the scene for future generations and literally for life on Earth.

Performance review 2021

Every three years, we conduct a major member survey. The results indicate that the AEGN is continuing to make a strong and positive contribution to environmental and climate philanthropy in Australia,


AEGN hosted

Land use & agriculture: driving change for climate, biodiversity and food

Thursday 25 August
12.00pm to 1.30pm AEDT
How does agriculture contribute to our climate and biodiversity challenges? Learn what levers…

AEGN hosted

Indigenous land and sea management funder group

Thursday 18 August
12.00pm to 1.15pm
Join funders across Australia who share your passion for building the capacity of…

Knowledge and insights

Federal election 2022

We asked members to share their reflections on what they learned from the…

Election reflections

We asked members to share their reflections on what they learned from the…

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A force for nature

As funders, how do we best empower environmental organisations to succeed? If anyone…

The passion of a lifetime

Sydney-based AEGN member, Josette Wunder, has dedicated her life to protecting the natural…

Bold, impactful philanthropy

The Myer Foundation has been giving to the environment for more than 60…

Backing good people doing good work

After 30 years of making the world of difference by supporting organisations around…