Giving Their All

The podcast sharing stories of effective leadership for our planet, climate and future.

“I’m loving the AEGN podcast series, Giving Their All, which consistently serves up a delicious smorgasbord of food for thought for anyone interested in environmental and social change philanthropy.” Rachel Ball, CEO, Reichstein Foundation

Episode 12: Building capacity, embracing innovation

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation CEO Dr Catherine Brown outlines how the foundation is building an inclusive, climate-resilient city in partnership with the charitable sector, “the unsung heroine of Australia”.

Episode 11: Funding a deeper connection

Angela Whitbread’s philanthropy is driven by a profound respect for the vibrant web of life that sustains us all. Here she reflects on the power of philanthropy to restore, protect and bring us closer to nature.

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Episode 10: Shifting systems – the great powers of small funders

For Sue Mathews, tackling the climate crisis is profoundly important and deeply personal. Here she reflects on the power of intervening at a systems level, collaborating for impact and the vital role small funders can play.

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Episode 9: On having enough

Tash Keuneman shares why philanthropy shouldn’t just be left to the super rich, the frameworks she draws on for grant making decisions and how she maintains energy in the face of overwhelm.

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Episode 8: What’s wrong with capitalism?

Alan Schwartz AO reflects on the limitations of capitalism in the face of environmental crises, how philanthropy can intervene, and the business opportunities arising with the transition to a green economy.

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Episode 7: Thinking seven generations ahead

Adrian Appo shares his thoughts on how the philanthropic sector can better work with – and learn from – First Nations peoples, the importance of a Yes vote, and funding work to care for Country.

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Episode 6: A family endeavour

Debbie Dadon, Besen Family Foundation Chair, reflects on the power of collaboration, women’s leadership and next-generation philanthropy to effect real and lasting change.

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Episode 5: A proportional response to the climate crisis

Stephen Pfeiffer shares why he decided to spend down an inheritance to fund climate action and the sense of purpose and healing he’s found in the process.

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Episode 4: Philanthropy’s forgotten child (the environment)

Intrepid Travel’s co-founder and Chair, Darrell Wade, shares why protecting the environment is so important to him, and the unique role he thinks philanthropy can play.

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Episode 3: Shifting power

Sue and John McKinnon share why absolute emissions reduction is the focus of their giving and how the concept of ‘shifting power’ guides their work.

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Episode 2: Who are you asking what they need?

Amanda Martin talks to Bec Milgrom, Executive Director of impact investing company Tripple, about how their investing and grantmaking work together; shaking up traditional processes; and why there can’t be climate justice without First Nations justice .

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Episode 1: Finding the acupuncture points for change

We speak with Hayley Morris, Executive Director of the Morris Group and Chair of Sustainable Table, about systems change, inner work, and why she has hope for the future.

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Hayley Morris