Giving Their All

The podcast sharing stories of effective leadership for our planet, climate and future.

Episode 1: Finding the acupuncture points for change

We speak with Hayley Morris, Executive Director of the Morris Group and Chair of Sustainable Table, about systems change, inner work, and why she has hope for the future.

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Hayley Morris

Episode 2: Who are you asking what they need?

Amanda Martin talks to Bec Milgrom, Executive Director of impact investing company Tripple, about how their investing and grantmaking work together; shaking up traditional processes; and why there can’t be climate justice without First Nations justice .

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Episode 3: Shifting power

Sue and John McKinnon share why absolute emissions reduction is the focus of their giving and how the concept of ‘shifting power’ guides their work.

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Episode 4: Philanthropy’s forgotten child (the environment)

Intrepid Travel’s co-founder and Chair, Darrell Wade, shares why protecting the environment is so important to him, and the unique role he thinks philanthropy can play.

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Episode 5: A proportional response to the climate crisis

Stephen Pfeiffer shares why he decided to spend down an inheritance to fund climate action and the sense of purpose and healing he’s found in the process.

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