The Climate Lens

A tool for all Australian funders

Developed in partnership with Philanthropy Australia

Why apply a climate lens?

Understand how climate change impacts are undermining the people, places and causes you serve (then armed with this insight, mitigate against them).

Case studies

Learn from funders working across a range of issue areas who’ve used a climate lens to achieve better outcomes for people and nature.

How to apply a climate lens

Access the practical tools to help you apply a climate lens across all areas of your philanthropy, including grantmaking, operations and investments.

When you apply a climate lens to your giving, you’re helping to channel philanthropy’s potential for all that we can achieve: a nation run on green energy, cleaner cities, more prosperous and sustainable food systems, and better lives for all Australians. It’s worth our energy and our investment.

— Amanda Martin OAM, CEO, AEGN 

Thank you 

This work has been made possible through the generous support of The Robert Hicks Foundation, managed by Equity Trustees, which provided seed funding to develop the lens, and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation through its support for the AEGN’s climate change program.