I am seeking grants

We acknowledge the excellent work of many environmental community organisations and others in managing and protecting Australia’s environment.

I am seeking grants

While we encourage networking and collaboration between environmental grantmakers and organisations seeking grants, we do not work with directly with grantseekers.

The role of the AEGN is to work with grantmakers. For this reason, we cannot give you advice about individual applications, or make recommendations about suitable funders. However, we have put together some resources that may help you in your grant seeking efforts.

Our members

Some of our members choose to remain private, however others are public. For our members who choose to be public, you can see their details in our directory of grantmakers, and read some of their amazing stories in meet our members. If you have an existing relationship with one of our members, you can ask them to promote your project on our Project Clearinghouse. We cannot assist you with this process.

Charitable and tax status

Do you have the right charitable and tax status in place to receive philanthropic funding?

Most environmental grantmakers require an organisation to have deductible gift recipient status (DGR) before they can make a grant to them. A smaller number only require charitable status.

Charity status

The Australian Taxation Office has information on charity status and concessions available for not-for profit organisations.

How to manage your organisation and maintain its charity status

Deductable gift receipt status

Resoures for grantseekers

Read on for resources to help you seek funding, build your organisation’s capacity and develop your leadership capabilities.

Applying for grants

Your time is valuable so it is important to be as strategic as possible. There is a lot of competition for a limited amount of philanthropic funding. You have greater chance of success if you only apply for grants your organisation is eligible for, and where you’ve made the effort to write a quality application for something that you really believe in.

Philanthropy Australia

Our Community

The Funding Centre

 Fundraising Institute of Australia

The national peak body representing professional fundraising in Australia.

Capacity-building programs and tools

Capacity-building programs, tools and resources for for-purpose organisations are listed in the resource below. Some of the initiatives receive funding through the AEGN membership. Others are government initiatives or funded through collaborations with philanthropy and business.

Directory of grantmakers

Access our list of our members who have chosen to be public.

Research a foundation before approaching them, and only approach foundations when their funding priorities and approach aligns with your funding needs.