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We are in an historic moment for climate action.

The decisions we make today will determine the future of humanity. Scientists warn that to limit global warming to 1.5C, action must be taken as soon as possible this decade.

As leaders around the world increase their ambition towards this goal, Australia risks being left behind, missing out on the opportunities presented by a clean energy future.

Philanthropy has a critical role to play in transforming Australia from a laggard to a leader on climate action. Funding these six strategic projects from our climate change showcase will help shift the dial on climate solutions and make a real impact at a crucial moment.

How were the projects selected?

All projects have been nominated by AEGN members. A selection committee of funders and experts then decided on the most strategic projects to feature in the Showcase.

The projects span the breadth of our country, from east to west, from the city to the bush. Importantly, they address priority opportunities and gaps identified in our Climate Change Funding Framework. And cover a range of advocacy approaches, including stopping emissions directly, supporting cultural change, and advancing solutions to climate change.

AEGN members have also funded a wide range of projects not listed below. If you would like to discuss your areas of interest and other projects available, contact Daisy Barham, Environmental Philanthropy Manager:

Who is the AEGN?

We are a network of trusts, foundations and individual donors who share a goal of a world in which people and nature thrive.
We offer events, field trips, collaborative funding opportunities, grantmaking tools and networking with over 160 grantmakers from across Australia.

Our mission

Our mission is to grow effective funding to the environment. As a membership-based organisation, we work with philanthropic funders who want to become more effective in their giving to address environment and climate change issues.

We are one of a core group of funding networks around the world addressing global sustainability. We work with grantmakers to achieve a goal of a world in which people and nature thrive.

A strong and vibrant network

Philanthropy has a unique role to play in helping to make this vision a reality. The AEGN brings funders together to learn about the issues and solutions and share networks and funding opportunities. We provide a supportive, collective space where members can share openly and explore possibilities to enable the most effective giving.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have seen the powerful impact like-minded environment funders can make by collaborating to ensure projects receive the funding they need to succeed, but also by advocating on behalf of the change agents they support. We have built a trusted place where our members learn and share, are inspired and informed, and come together to fund some of the greatest challenges of our times.

It is with thanks to the passion, determination, and vision of our members that we are well and truly more than the sum of our parts. From a hardy band of committed funders who wanted a forum to share and learn about environmental giving to today’s vibrant network of over 165 (as of 2020) donors, large and small, individuals and foundations spread across the country, our network is effective and powerful because of our members. Join us and help protect Australia’s unique natural environment for generations to come.

Our core beliefs

Our work is underpinned by our belief that philanthropy combined with excellent science and powerful changemakers can catalyse real and lasting positive change. We know that lasting change may not happen quickly and that at times we need to stay with this work over many years.

This strategic partnering with other sectors enables us to innovate, scale up our collective impact and find new ways to address increasingly complex environmental challenges.

Project disclaimer

Projects and organisations shared via the Project Clearinghouse have been identified by AEGN members. The AEGN does not endorse these projects or organisations. We provide this platform to facilitate AEGN members sharing information to further environmental philanthropy, in order to improve the conservation, protection and functioning of the natural environment.

The projects

Below is a brief summary of the projects, if you would like the full project details (including bank details for each project) contact Daisy Barham, Environmental Philanthropy Manager on

If you are a member, you can access all the details on the Project Clearinghouse.


Sweltering Cities Ltd

Building community power for extreme heat adaptation and climate action

  • Seeking grant
    Sweltering Cities Ltd
  • Closing date
    1 March 2022
Many of our most marginalised communities live in the already hottest parts of our cities. As it drives the increasing frequency and intensity of heatwaves, climate change will exacerbate the health risks and inequities of these communities.
Total project cost $130,000
$40,000 pledged
$90,000 still needed

Nominated by: Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Sweltering Cities engages and empowers people living in Australia’s hottest suburbs to advocate to decision-makers about building resilient and sustainable cities and recognising climate change as a public health emergency. Our vision is for cooler, equitable, and sustainable cities, with planning and policies that centre people.

To bring people together in our hottest suburbs SC will hire community engagement people in Western Sydney, Melbourne, and SE Queensland to work with impacted communities to:

  • support new leaders and build networks to increase community awareness of heatwaves through outreach, cooperation with local organisations, and events and training held locally in out hottest areas,
  • identify people with powerful stories and empower them through training and one-on-one support to share their stories in the media, and
  • work with communities to develop and launch advocacy campaigns highlighting local impacts of rising temperatures as an urgent political issue.

Contact: Emma Bacon
Job title: Executive Director


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Solutions for Climate Australia

Ending the climate wars – creating bipartisanship on federal climate politics in Australia

  • Seeking grant
    Solutions for Climate Australia
  • Closing date
    31 March 2022
A project of Climate Action Network Australia (CANA). COP26 and the lead up to the forthcoming federal election (to be held by May 2022) offers a critical window for federal MPs and their parties to commit to robust climate policies.
Total project cost $500,000
$255,000 pledged
$245,000 still needed

Nominated by: The Myer Foundation

A strategic, co-ordinated and targeted ‘umbrella’ approach to building and activating constituents of federal MPs across all major parties who are concerned about climate change has been a major gap in climate advocacy in Australia.

Solutions for Climate Australia is co-coordinating and supporting the work of the Federal Grassroots Advocacy Alliance, a network of climate advocacy organisations mobilising influential constituencies to help achieve bipartisan support for decisive climate action in the next term of government.

Contact: Dr. Barry Traill
Job title: Lead, Solutions for Climate Australia project


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Environment Victoria

Victorian Coal Pollution Case

  • Seeking grant
    Environment Victoria
  • Closing date
    30 June 2022
The Victorian Coal Pollution Case has the potential to be a landmark case against coal and climate pollution in Victoria.
Total project cost $634,977
$496,336 pledged
$138,641 still needed

Nominated by: The Mullum Trust

Environment Victoria, represented by Environmental Justice Australia, and a team of barristers led by Hon Ron Merkel QC, is taking the EPA and Latrobe Valley power station owners to court over the failure to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

The coal-fired power stations in Victoria are responsible for some of the worst air and climate pollution in the country, contributing to around 40% of Victoria’s annual carbon emissions.

In March 2021, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) – Victoria’s pollution watchdog – concluded their review of the power station licences. Despite having the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, the EPA failed to take any meaningful action to address the biggest threat to our health and environment: climate change. There is currently no limit on how much CO2 the power stations can emit.

This case will be the first to test Victoria’s key climate change legislation and challenge the lax regulation of air pollution from these coal-fired power stations.

Contact: Camille Warambourg
Job title: Key Relationships Manager


Tax deductibility: DGR Item 1


Our Islands Our Home — Torres Strait Islander Climate Justice campaign

  • Seeking grant
  • Closing date
    30 June 2022
The Limb Family Foundation is supporting this project because the Torres Strait Islands are experiencing the direct impacts of global warming and climate change. The Torres Strait 8’s claim is current and the window to act is now.
Total project cost $431,200
$241,000 pledged
$190,200 still needed

Nominated by: Limb Family Foundation

Torres Strait Islanders are on the frontline of the climate crisis. Urgent action is needed to ensure they can remain on their islands. Right now, king tides, erosion, inundation, droughts and coral bleaching are threatening their homes and cultures, while the Australian Government refuses to address this crisis.

The Our Islands Our Home campaign is demanding that the Australian government take action to mitigate climate change impacts on Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait Islands), amplifying the voices and leadership of Torres Strait Islanders on climate justice in Australia, and building the depth and diversity of our climate movement though building Torres Strait Islander led grassroots action groups.

As part of this campaign, eight claimants from Zenadh Kes have brought a human rights complaint against the Australian Federal Government to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations over the Government’s inaction on climate change. A decision on this case is expected by early 2022.

Contact: Verity Appleby
Job title: Development Director


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The Australia Institute

Net Zero is Fraud

  • Seeking grant
    The Australia Institute
  • Closing date
    30 November 2021
To publicise, both domestically and particularly internationally, research showing that the governments proposed “net zero” target is a fraud because it will be achieved by “dodgy” offsets while the government continues to support and subsidise the expansion of fossil fuel supply.
Total project cost $200,000
$80,000 pledged
$120,000 still needed

Nominated by: McKinnon Family Foundation

To publicise, both domestically and particularly internationally, research showing that the governments proposed “net zero” target is a fraud because it will be achieved by “dodgy” offsets while the government continues to support and subsidise the expansion of fossil fuel supply.

To bring international and domestic pressure to bear to force the government to have more meaningful commitments and policies.

Contact: Ben Oquist
Job title: Executive Director


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Environs Kimberley and CCWA

Stopping a new gas pipeline from opening the Kimberley to fracking

  • Seeking grant
    Environs Kimberley and CCWA
  • Closing date
I am supporting this project to prevent the massive Canning Basin being opened for gas export.
Total project cost $350,000
$145,000 pledged
$205,000 still needed

Nominated by: Madden Sainsbury Foundation

The Canning Basin is one of the world’s largest undeveloped fossil fuel reserves, far larger than WA’s offshore gas resources. The carbon pollution from the development this gas resource would be 13-20 billion tonnes (25-38 years of Australia’s annual carbon pollution).

Development of the Canning Basin has been constrained by a lack of infrastructure (pipelines) and a lack of access to market. The threat of a pipeline to open up the Canning Basin has recently become real and imminent, with a WA Government decision to give in-principle support for a pipeline to allow Canning Basin gas to be exported through the Burrup Hub LNG facilities in the Pilbara.

There is real potential that the McGowan Government can be made to back away from these proposals with a focussed, urgent campaign including these three elements:

a) Engaging Kimberley Aboriginal communities and Traditional Owners.

b) Engaging and activating Perth-based community.

c) Establishing the basic elements of a larger campaign.

Contact: Martin Pritchard
Job title: Executive Director


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More information

If you would like to discuss any of the projects or join the AEGN contact Daisy Barham, Environmental Philanthropy Manager on or 0400 878 989.