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Sustainable food systems funder group

Sustainable food systems

Wednesday 11 November 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Join the first meeting of the reinvigorated sustainable food system funder group to discuss what you are passionate about, share your funding priorities, and to explore opportunities on the horizon.

Join us

We meet quarterly and welcome new members. Contact us to be a part of this vital group: info@aegn.org.au

Not sure if it is right for you? Get in touch and we can discuss your needs and circumstances.

More about this funder group

Join our sustainable food systems funder group to meet with other members committed to transforming the way Australians produce, distribute and consume food for the sake of healthy people and the planet.

Sustainable food systems restore and strengthen ecological systems, empower us all to realise our right to a full and healthy diet and enable food producers and consumers to determine what food they produce and eat, and how.

Yet our food system is unsustainable in several ways including using non-renewable, polluting resources and processes that are degrading to our land and water systems. Our food system is also contributing significantly to climate change by driving agricultural deforestation and releasing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain.

While our food system is creating and suffering from many environmental challenges, it is an exciting arena for change. We can transform the way we produce and distribute food, while restoring ecological systems and biodiversity, ensuring all people have access to healthy food and empowering inclusive communities and economies for a sustainable future.