Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Installing solar panels

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation (the Foundation) aims to improve the lives of Melbournians and promote positive social change. It is Australia’s largest independent community foundation. The Foundation is also a leader in developing a climate lens approach to its granting, maximising social and environmental impact across four Impact Areas:

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Education & Employment
  • Healthy & Resilient Communities
  • Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation promotes solutions to environmental challenges. It supports research, communications, knowledge exchange including through networks, and practical projects that address specific outcomes such as:

  1. Increased energy efficiency and climate resilience of vulnerable households.
  2. Increased public understanding of the climate challenge.
  3. Secure, healthy and sustainable food systems.
  4. Protected and rehabilitated aquatic eco-systems.

The Foundation recognises the links between climate change and other social issues and responds in a multidimensional way.

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“We recognise that addressing the climate challenge is not just an environmental problem. While we work on mitigation and adaptation strategies in our Environment & Sustainability Impact Area, we are also addressing the climate challenge in other areas of our philanthropic work – including energy efficient, affordable housing, reducing the health impacts of heatwaves and disasters by preparing at a local community level, and supporting employment projects that are part of our low carbon future. It is about aligning a vision for a sustainable future with every aspect of our granting and impact work.”

Dr Catherine Brown, CEO, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

For funders

We’re building a climate lens toolkit and we’d love your input. Perspectives from a wide variety of foundations with different focus areas will make the toolkit a dynamic game changer.

If you are from a foundation and would like to participate in our working group, or just share your views and needs, we want to hear from you.