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Housing: Ozanam House

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Increasing access to affordable housing is a key priority of the Foundation. Applying the climate lens to affordable housing has led to additional aspects being considered, including the location of new projects (such as close to public transport and services) and the sustainability standard of new builds. For example, the Ozanam House redevelopment has achieved 5-star Green Star rating.
The Foundation has also extended this strategy to include the running costs of existing affordable housing, including measures which increase energy efficiency and onsite renewable energy.
While the majority of temperature related deaths in Australia are attributed to cold weather, heat related health impacts are rising, causing more deaths than all other natural disasters combined. At the same time, people most at risk from temperature related impacts, such as low-income families, are under pressure from rising energy costs.
The Foundation is increasing the energy efficiency and climate resilience of vulnerable households to reduce the cost of living, reduce emissions and provide protection from both extreme heat and the cold of winter.

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