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Funding the environment is an investment in our future and AEGN members come from many different backgrounds and from across Australia.

Our members are individuals, trusts and foundations. Some of our members give exclusively to environmental causes, others have additional focus areas they support. What they share is a passion for protecting and preserving our natural world.

The AEGN exists to inspire and inform our members and help them learn from and share their experiences with other environmental funders. Together we extend our collective skills and knowledge and grow the amount and the impact of funding for the environment and sustainability.

In a 2019 membership survey, 91 per cent of respondents said their involvement with the AEGN has positively influenced their approach to environmental giving and helped them evolve their grantmaking practice.

There are many benefits of being part of the AEGN community. Here are six benefits our members value most:

1. Bringing issues into focus

Drawing on the latest scientific research, the AEGN helps focus collective energy and effort on the most pressing environmental challenges we face today and the emerging solutions that can help make a difference.

2. Sharing knowledge and experience

The AEGN creates the space to come together to connect and collaborate with other members and to share knowledge, networks, expertise and experience, through workshops, conferences and briefings.

3. Facilitating project co-funding

One of the AEGN’s most important roles is enabling the co-funding of projects by providing a platform for members to share and invite others to support projects they are passionate about.

4. Learning from experts

Whether you’re new to philanthropy or looking to consolidate your funding approach, the AEGN can provide guidance to maximise the impact of your giving. Our experience and access to subject matter experts supports you to give to the environment with confidence.

5. Supporting with funding frameworks, publications and tools

The AEGN provides support tools including philanthropy briefing notes on nine issue areas, funding frameworks and a directory of environment non-government organisations. We are developing a Climate Lens to support your giving with a climate change overlay. These resources allow you to develop and sustain an approach to giving that’s tailored to your individual passions and ways of working.

6. Inspiring field trips

Our field trips allow members to immerse in nature and be inspired by the people and projects making a difference on the ground.

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