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Connect with members on issues that are important to you.

Our funder groups are for members only and designed to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and build a community of practice within the environmental philanthropic community. Most funder groups meet quarterly (except for the climate change funder group – which meets monthly).

All funder group meetings are currently online.

Each group also has a moderated email list. For each funder group, you can choose to join just the meetings or just the email list, or both.

Connect with funders across Australia who share your passion for action on a range of topics. Funder groups provide an opportunity to develop lasting relationships, share your success stories and grow the impact of your funding.

Our groups include

Thought Leadership Forum

On the first Wednesday of each month at midday, our Thought Leadership Forum is where experts from the field discuss critical environmental issues of the decade and how funding can make the most impact.

Member connector

Connect with other members over a morning coffee at 8.00am to share your insights and be inspired and supported by the network. You can share your favourite projects, learn about what others are funding, get feedback on pressing issues or challenges and celebrate great environmental philanthropy with your peers.

Collaboration guidelines

Collaborating with other members can spark great ideas and have immediate impact.

What can I share?
  • Events, reports, articles, and environmental updates
  • Offer possible collaborations
  • Report major announcements
  • Job openings
  • Other items directly related to the group you are collaborating with
What should I avoid?
  • Debate between two or more members
  • Business or funding solicitations – partisan appeals or announcements
  • Personal or highly editorial comments
  • Anything deemed to be in contradiction with or violation of our member code of conduct, mission and constitution (pdf)

Register of experts

We value the support of environmental issue experts to ensure key our information is based on authoritative and up-to-date information.

Over the years we have built relationships with many environmental experts. Now we can provide better access for our members to experts through the compilation of an issue expert register. This service supports you in making critical decisions in your grantmaking strategy and ensures your philanthropy is consistent with the best available science on issues and solutions.

Who is on the register?

The expert register includes leading experts over a wide range of environmental issues. So far the register includes over 50 experts, covering our core environmental issues. In compiling the expert register, we have looked for experts who are leaders in their field, and how have the communications skills to convey information to people who are not necessarily scientists.

How do I contact an expert?

If you need an expert, contact us and we will link you up with the right expert. You and the expert will discuss your needs and agree on the arrangement the suits both parties.


Growing the list

We are continuing to build the register and would appreciate member support. Let us know when you come into contact with experts who are leaders in their field and excellent communicators. We are particularly interested in growing the number of experts on the following:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Toxics

Directory of members

Our members are united by a shared purpose for the future, and bring a diversity of approaches and experiences inspire us to give more and give more effectively.