10 tips to get funded

21 February 2023

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We want to give you the best chance of success when it comes to pitching projects to AEGN members.  

Here are 10 tips to make your pitch stand out and get funded.  

1. Get back to basics

When emailing the Project Clearinghouse email list or submitting a showcase nomination, make sure you clearly outline:

  • Name of the organisation that will receive funding
  • How much funding is required
  • How the money will be spent
  • Tax deductibility and whether the organisation has DGR status
  • Payment method so members can donate straight away
  • Contact details of the NGO representative in case any members wish to talk to them
  • Your contact details so members can get in touch if they want

2. Make your funding commitment clear 

  • All projects shared on the Project Clearinghouse email list or pitched at a showcase event must be financially supported by an AEGN member  
  • Sharing a specific dollar figure of how much you are supporting the project or organisation shows you have ‘skin in the game’ and will inspire other AEGN members to pledge too 

3. Keep it concise

  • An ideal word length is 300 to 500 words.
  • Use headings and bullet points to break up walls of text so it’s easy to read  
  • Avoid information overload. Instead, link to a website or attach a funding proposal so members can dive into more detail if they want to

4. Focus on solutions

Highlight the opportunity that additional funding could provide; place this front and centre. Try not to use up your word count by delving too heavily into the broad context of the situation. 

5. Tell a story

Stories connect, persuade and resonate on a personal and therefore powerful level — often more so than facts and figures. You could:  

  • describe a story from the project or organisation that sparked your passion  
  • share an anecdote about people with lived experience of the issue 
  • explain the ‘uh ha’ moment that spurred your support 
  • comment on why this particular project or organisation matters to you

6. Appeal to different types of funders

For example, if a climate project has co-benefits for girls’ education, or a sustainable agriculture project reduces emissions while fostering biodiversity, point out these intersections.   

7. Timeliness

Explain why the project or organisation needs support now as opposed to any other time.

8. Matched funding

Consider offering to match any pledges that come through the Project Clearinghouse or through a showcase event to build momentum and ignite the community spark of the AEGN. Projects with matched funding almost always reach their funding goal.

9. Opportunities and gaps

Does your project or organisation address any of the opportunities and/or gaps in the Climate Change Funders Framework? Make sure you point this out to link your pitch to strategic priorities in our sector. (Note, we are currently developing a Nature Funders Framework to identify similar opportunities and gaps for nature funders).  

10. Follow up

Our members want to know whether their support has made a difference. Make sure you share any news, developments and/or outcomes by sending follow up emails to the Project Clearinghouse email list. For example: 

  • The funding goal has been reached; thank members for their support and outline next steps  
  • Policy changes or announcements that affect the project or organisation; encourage members to support    
  • Progress made on the project or organisation’s goals; celebrate wins 
  • Anecdotes from people on the ground about the difference the funding has made (even if the funding goal hasn’t been reached); show the impact of funding  

Importantly, you cannot promote an organisation or initiative that you have a financial interest in, and you must disclose when you are a voluntary director of an organisation or initiative. See Project Clearinghouse guidelines 


If you have any questions about the Project Clearinghouse, please contact Julia Wylie, AEGN Environmental Program Coordinator:  


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