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We live in the critical decade. All planetary indicators point to the collapse of our climate and environmental systems with catastrophic consequences. Millions of people are demanding change, but vested interests with power and money are actively working against the common good. In this defining decade, how can we amplify these voices for good and neutralise the bad; fund big change and shift systems (with incremental change now too small an ask); supercharge partnerships with civil society, governments and business; deploy the most effective funding mechanisms; and identify the pivotal issues to fund? For nature and climate, it’s time for big steps and bold ambition.

The AEGN’s Annual Conference is a rare opportunity to gather with other members and change makers face-to-face in the one location; to stretch your thinking and deepen relationships towards our common cause. 

Join us to hear from local and international guests and explore what Australian philanthropists can do to drive urgent, integrated action to secure a safe climate and protect nature.

Thank you to our supporters

The AEGN is fully funded by our membership, making our many initiatives and programs possible, including our annual conference. We would like to thank Boundless Earth for their generous support of the 2024 Annual Conference.

We are deeply grateful to the many donors who support our work. To find out more about supporting the AEGN’s 2024 Annual Conference or to support our ongoing work contact our Head of Operations, Charmaine Smith, at