Corporate influence

Corporate activities – from fossil fuel development to financing destructive projects to driving consumerism – have had a significant impact on the environment.  Regulating corporate behaviour and encouraging sustainable practices will be critical in addressing the climate and environment crises.  Governments, shareholders, investors and consumers all play a role in forcing this change.


There is increasing attention on overstated (or actively misleading) sustainability claims and attempts by companies and governments to “greenwash” their activities through sponsorships, advertising and promotion of relatively small positive programs to distract from larger impacts. Greenwashing undermines efforts to tackle the climate crisis at a time when it matters most. Managing the risks of ‘greenwashing’ will improve the rigour and urgency of climate and nature responses.   

What’s been happening?

What’s coming up?

What is the AEGN doing?
  • Showcasing businesses committed to high standards and transparency
  • Hosting a member discussion on carbon offsets
  • Encouraging skill-sharing events for members around improving transparency and decision-making, and implementing TNFD and climate reporting
  • Keeping members updated on outcomes of greenwashing challenges, offset compliance audits and implementation of Chubb review recommendations to ensure ACCUs are rigorous

What can AEGN members do?

Shareholder actions and corporate disclosures  

There has been a rise in shareholder activism in recent years as shareholders try to influence corporate conduct around climate and ESG through coordinated votes at AGMs regarding divestment, nominations of climate-focused investors to board positions, calls for disclosure of climate risks, and potential takeovers by large shareholders with a more sustainable investment profile. 

What’s been happening?

What’s coming up?
  • Mid 2024 – targeted consultation on data standards to underpin beneficial ownership disclosure requirements (final legislation expected early 2025)

What is AEGN doing?
  • Updating members on the outcome of climate-related shareholders actions
  • Keeping members updated on disclosure obligations
  • Applying a climate and nature lens to all investment and procurement decisions
What can AEGN members do?
  • Use the Nature Funding Framework – Lever 7 (economy) to inform funding decisions
  • Support campaigns to strengthen TNFD requirements in Australia
  • Join Philanthropy Australia’s Foundations Group for Impact Investing
  • Fund organisations to develop guidance on TNFD measures and resources to support businesses to comply
  • Use your influence on boards to encourage divestment from fossil fuels and implementation of TNFD and TCFD reporting
  • Meet with Nature Finance Council members to discuss opportunities for nature funding
  • Consider registering with Sustainable Investment Exchange for advice on foundation-level shareholder activism

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It’s been exciting to see the growth in sophistication of how the AEGN operates. For the benefit of all.

Hayley Morris, Morris Family Foundation