Rights of future generations

Legal actions by children across the world (including Sharma v Minister for Environment in Australia) have called out governments over decisions that contribute to the climate and environmental crises.  These challenges generally argue that the government owes a duty of care to children and is negligent where it fails to consider their health and wellbeing when making decisions.

What’s been happening?

What’s coming up?

What is the AEGN doing?
  • Updating members on policy progress and campaigns on relevant issues
  • Promoting youth and First Nations membership on relevant advisory committees and as speakers at events
  • Working with eNGOs to promote First Nations groups and caring for country initiatives as leaders in intergenerational thinking and custodianship

What can AEGN members do?
  • Sign the petition in support of the Duty of Care Bill
  • Use the Nature Funding Framework (Lever 2 – Legal) to inform funding decisions
  • Mentor youth and First Nations members within eNGOs, and encourage involvement on boards and committees

    Current Clearinghouse projects:
    • No current project for this topic

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It’s been exciting to see the growth in sophistication of how the AEGN operates. For the benefit of all.

Hayley Morris, Morris Family Foundation